Are you prepared for BREXIT?

If you import or export from the UK, you NEED to prepare for Brexit!

You will need to prepare customs clearances on all import and export shipments and therefore you will need to have all documents in our possession before loading. This will give some extra time during the working day to check and advice you if any changes need to be made.

Please note, that unless all the requirements are met in order to satisfy customs, it could mean your shipment may not be able to be shipped. The terms of scale will generally show who will be paying the customs clearance charge. The input you have to provide us with is listed below.

  • Invoice and packing list showing shipper and consignee
  • Number of packages and weight (gross and net)
  • Export document (in case you will create this by yourselves)
  • Currency and value of the shipment
  • Country of origin
  • The delivery terms and customs commodity code(s) – please be aware, there may be more than one

If you want to have your customs and transport activities completed by us, please download the attached form below and reply on your company letterhead by copying and pasting the statement and send it back to us.

Are you prepared for BREXIT (13 downloads)