Panama Canal Restricts Crossing Due to Extreme Drought Conditions

Low water levels are forcing the managers of the Panama Canal to limit the number of ships passing through causing shipping delays which began two weeks ago. Since the restrictions were enforced, delays at the canal have averaged about 15 to 19 days per vessel as fully-laden vessels are held back. Affected by what it … Continued

Tight Space and High Rates Likely to Persist into 2022

The combination of the Golden Week holiday in China coupled with the impact of power restrictions on industrial output resulted in some relaxation of the space situation in the month of October. Industry-wide, there was more space available in October than what had been typically available in previous months. This phenomenon put some downwind pressure … Continued

Expect delays in Overweight Shipping Through the Panama Canal

Significant decreases in watershed levels means tighter enforcement in overweight cargo. The long-term effects of low water levels in the Panama Canal is forcing some ocean lines to offload overweight containers in order to pass through the Panama Canal. Last year, water depths in the canal reached such low levels not seen in the past … Continued