Update on the Effect of China’s Recent Covid Lockdowns

A surge in Omicron variant infections has caused Chinese authorities to lockdown residents in key port cities such as Shenzhen and Shanghai. While carriers and port owners claim that terminals are operational, lockdowns mean that factories, warehouses, and distribution centers are shuttered, and trucking capacity is constrained. All port terminals and airports in China are … Continued

China Limits Cargo Operations Forcing Airline Cancellations

In an effort to contain a spike in Covid infections, the Chinese government has significantly reduced operations and crew availability, forcing airlines to cut hundreds of flights. To compound the issue, this is happening just as peak shipping season goes into high gear in a sector already struggling to keep up with strong demand. According … Continued

Container Shortage and Vessel Delays Persist from China Ports

Two typhoons in early September coupled with increased demand have caused container shortages and vessel delays of up to four days at main China load ports of Qingdao, Shanghai and Ningbo. Recently the Chinese government has been engaged in military exercises along the coast which place restrictions on commercial vessels causing further delays of up … Continued

Refunds of China Section 301 Tariffs May Become Available If Importers File Claims

A recently filed lawsuit could result in refunds of all Section 301 tariffs levied to date on List 3 and List 4A goods from China, regardless of whether or not a timely protest was filed. However, importers must file their own independent claims to preserve their potential refunds by Friday, September 18. For more than two years the U.S. … Continued

Update on China Section 301 (List 4A) Tariffs

Exclusions to the additional 7.5% tariff on goods from China under China Section 301 (List 4A) expired on September 1. All goods previously listed will now be subject to an additional 7.5% tariff except those granted extension by the United States Trade Representative (USTR). Exclusions are being extended for less than 100 products (see list … Continued

An Uptick in Bookings from China

Recently Worldwide Logistics Ltd. (WWL) offices in China have reported an uptick in booking volumes. This increase is evident for both US East Coast and US West Coast bound cargos. Willy Fong, WWL’s managing director in Asia, noted, “a number of our traditional customers who had delayed or cancelled orders are now starting to move … Continued

Airlines Convert Passenger Fleets to Carry Cargo During Coronavirus Pandemic

Airlines are looking for ways to utilize grounded passenger fleets to meet a shortage of cargo capacity.  The ripple effect of COVID-19 has grounded many passenger flights which is causing a global shortage of cargo space. Since passenger aircraft make up a large share of cargo capacity, there is a serious shortage in space, causing … Continued

Coronavirus Update: Carriers Cancel Sailings

The coronavirus has significantly affected supply chain management and cargo volumes. With many factories still closed, truckers still under quarantine and road travel restricted, ocean carriers have cancelled roughly 35 sailings. All regional government bodies are strictly controlling factory work. Currently only 50% of the factories resumed work in February. “The rest may return to some level of normalcy … Continued