Canadian West Coast Ports Strike Has Ended

Canadian dockworkers and employers reached a tentative agreement Thursday, ending a 13-day strike that upended two of Canada’s busiest ports and risked worsening inflation. A new four-year deal, which was presented by federal mediators, must now be ratified by both the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) and the British Columbia Maritime Employers Association (BCMEA). … Continued

Port of Long Beach Experiencing Sporadic Closures from Labor Turmoil

West Coast port terminals at the Port of Long Beach, California are experiencing occasional terminal closures as union dockworkers continue to hold contract negotiations this week. Two of the six terminals at the Port of Long Beach were closed Monday during the day but reopened during the evening shift. Occasional closures like this have been … Continued

Empty Containers Cause Mayhem in NY/NJ Ports

The surge in cargo that hit the LA and Long Beach ports for almost two years is now plaguing the Port of New York and New Jersey and heating up this summer as peak shipping season begins. In the last few weeks, NY/NJ port terminals have not been able to take back empty containers, presenting … Continued

Winds Shift as Lawmakers Try to Tighten the Ocean Shipping Reform Act

There’s a movement afoot to tighten the proposed Ocean Shipping Reform Act that limits when detention and demurrage charges can be levied and to put even tighter pricing controls in place. A group of roughly 79 intermodal carriers, importers, and exporters in California are lobbying for tightening the law that limits when demurrage charges can … Continued

Tight Space and High Rates Likely to Persist into 2022

The combination of the Golden Week holiday in China coupled with the impact of power restrictions on industrial output resulted in some relaxation of the space situation in the month of October. Industry-wide, there was more space available in October than what had been typically available in previous months. This phenomenon put some downwind pressure … Continued

Extended Hours Approved for LA and Long Beach Ports

The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach — through which half the US imports from Asia flow —extended their evening and weekend truck gate hours to accommodate the overload of cargo swamping the ports. It’s been reported that a record 65 vessels are awaiting berth with 27 being worked on. With this high-volume level, … Continued

LA and Long Beach Ports Still Crippled from Congestion

‘Tis the season to NOT be jolly if you’re looking for your holiday inventory. Congestion at US west coast ports continues to worsen in recent days with no letup in sight, according to logistics experts. The disruption to the supply chain could possibly continue for another six months. “The west coast is the worst we’ve … Continued

Lockdown Continues in Vietnam, Factories Shutdown

The rise in Covid-19 cases in Vietnam is causing factories to shut down, affecting some of the largest US companies including Nike, Adidas and Ashley Furniture. According to the Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association (VITAS), one-third of Vietnam’s textile and garment factories are closed. Big names like Adidas and Nike are affected. Nike closed three … Continued

Delays, Fees and Frustrations Continue at LA and Long Beach Ports

The shipping crisis is not going away anytime soon as the line of ships at anchor continues to grow off the coast of California, causing a knock-on ripple effect of delays and fees throughout the supply chain. In addition to the congestion, the Port of Los Angeles is seeing an unprecedented volume of imports without … Continued

Restrictions Tightened in Vietnam as Covid Clusters Spread

Covid-19 restrictions are tightening in Vietnam, as positive cases continue to rise. As of today, July 23rd, Ho Chi Minh City has suspended all non-essential business and gatherings of more than two people. Residents are limited to leaving their homes only to seek medical care or to buy essential food products. Worldwide Logistics Group is … Continued