India Market Update: Equipment and Space Shortages

Space and equipment shortages persist in the trade between India and North America. Import volumes into India, in particular volumes from China, are down due to restrictions on trade imposed by the India Government. This has resulted in a shortage of empty equipment in India. The shortage is most critical at Inland Container Depots (ICD) … Continued

Refunds of China Section 301 Tariffs May Become Available If Importers File Claims

A recently filed lawsuit could result in refunds of all Section 301 tariffs levied to date on List 3 and List 4A goods from China, regardless of whether or not a timely protest was filed. However, importers must file their own independent claims to preserve their potential refunds by Friday, September 18. For more than two years the U.S. … Continued

More News About COSCO’s Postponement of Scheduled Rate Increase

Last Friday we provided an alert regarding the September 15 scheduled GRI in the Trans-Pacific trade. With more clarity we can provide additional information today. Based on an administrative directive by the Chinese Government, COSCO announced a postponement of their scheduled GRI. This postponement has been extended beyond China origin to all Far East origins. … Continued

Cosco Postpones September 15 General Rate Increase

China Ocean Shipping Corporation (COSCO) has postponed their scheduled Trans-Pacific rate increase for September 15 under pressure from the Chinese Government. It is expected that OOCL will follow suit on this postponement. While the Chinese government can only issue this administrative direction to COSCO and OOCL, it is expected that other members of the consortium … Continued

Worldwide Logistics Group Expands into Continental Europe

Worldwide Logistics Group is pleased to announce the opening of their subsidiary in Germany. WWL Germany GmbH represents the company’s first office in Continental Europe. Worldwide Logistics Group now operates from 15 locations in eight countries. Tom Peacock, Worldwide Logistics’ Director of Supply Chain Solutions and a key figure in the expansion into Germany, said, … Continued

Worldwide Logistics Warehouse Expansion

Worldwide Logistics Group has expanded its warehouse operations in Torrance, California adding a 38,000 sq. ft. warehouse for additional capacity. The new facility is in close proximity to the existing Worldwide Logistics Group Torrance warehouse. Since opening the initial warehouse in Torrance in 2019, Worldwide Logistics has seen huge growth in both container transloading and … Continued

Amazon Enforcing Storage Limits

Amazon has imposed restrictions on FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) sellers, dictating the quantities they are allowed to store at Amazon warehouses. Sellers will have to comply with specific storage limits in cubic feet, which are calculated based primarily on commodity type and sales volume. Going forward, sellers will need to find alternative arrangements for any volumes … Continued

Worldwide Logistics Group Joins Mundu Network

Worldwide Logistics, Inc. announced that they have joined the newly formed forwarder network Mundu. Mundu is based in Stuttgart, Germany and operated by Daniel and Alissa Jacobs. All 17 WWL offices in 7 countries will participate in this network. Joining the Mundu network helps WWL expand its global reach. Mundu is known for its international … Continued

Carriers on Trans-pacific Eastbound Trade Announce Additional Rate Increase

With the continuation of aggressive blank sailing programs and overbooking, particularly on US West Coast bound vessels, upward pressure on rates has continued. Carriers have implemented increases effective July 1, 2020. On average rates to US West Coast and IPI points serviced via the US West Coast were raised by $400/40’ container. Rates to US … Continued