Post-Brexit Border Checks Could Cause Potential Delays

British businesses could see a supply chain disruption as the country begins to impose a post-Brexit rule mandating stricter border controls on EU imports into the country.

The British port system might also be unprepared as the country begins to impose stricter checks on goods flowing in and out of the United Kingdom.

Britain left the European Union’s single market system in January 2021 but it has repeatedly delayed imposing these checks.

The decision to impose more checks on EU imports is related to the desire for greater control over the movement of goods, ensuring compliance with regulations and protecting domestic industries.

One of the first industries to be affected is food and beverage. EU exporters of animal and plant products, such as eggs, dairy, meat and berries, will be required to present Export Health Certificates (EHCs) to British authorities. Physical checks on shipments officially begin in April although there are already reports of an increase.

“There is no real official news that the UK government has started implementing the new border checks, but we are seeing an increase in checks and delays,” said Glenn Hayes, Worldwide Logistics Group Director of UK.

To mitigate the challenges, Worldwide Logistics Group recommends planning shipments well in advance to account for potential delays and to allow additional time for customs clearance.

“We are doing all we can to communicate the new UK border policy. These issues are affecting businesses across the supply chain,” said Tom Peacock, President of Worldwide Logistics Group. “It’s our job to facilitate the transition to the updated regulatory framework in order to minimize the disruptions to trade. Rest assured; we are well informed.”

Here are a few steps Worldwide Logistics Group has in place:

Daily information Gathering

Keeping abreast of the latest customs regulations and changes to border controls in the UK and the EU.

Documentation Compliance

Ensuring that all necessary customs documentation is accurate and complete to facilitate smoother customs clearance. We have a full-service customs brokerage division who know how to navigate the new regulations.

Diversify Supply Chains

When necessary, we explore alternative transportation routes to minimize the impact of potential disruptions. The company has been including this option for years and since the Covid epidemic, diversification has become part of the natural logistics process.

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