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Two Million
Environmental Policies and
Corporate Responsibilities
Card, Plastic
Metal and Wood

Worldwide Logistics experts analyze returns processes and optimize cost by eliminating waste and identifying the best solutions for reverse logistics. Because returns are no longer just the cost of doing business, we create strategic advantages every step of the way back into the supply chain.

Services and Features

  • Return product (garments, household, electrical) sortation, de-brand and re-sale
  • Hanger sortation and pack
  • Over two million products saved
  • Adherence to client’s environmental policies and responsibilities
  • Consolidation and recycling of all store consumables for greater financial return
  • Card, plastic, metal and wood recycling processes
  • Stock recovery via decontamination, odour and mould removal utilising Biosweep technology exclusive to WWL
  • Wee compliant and destruction capabilities

We turn returns into an opportunity to enhance customer experience and minimize loss. That’s how we help our customers build their brand loyalty, how we grow top-line revenue, shrink costs and drive sustainability.

Efficiency in returns management improves customer experience with faster crediting, simplified processes and efficient process management.

Retailers turn to us to help them manage the returns process because we do all we can to salvage products and reduce waste. That’s not only good for our customers but it’s good for our environment, too. Decreasing our customer’s environmental footprint by diverting waste from landfills drives sustainability.

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