Amazon Enforcing Storage Limits

Amazon has imposed restrictions on FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) sellers, dictating the quantities they are allowed to store at Amazon warehouses. Sellers will have to comply with specific storage limits in cubic feet, which are calculated based primarily on commodity type and sales volume. Going forward, sellers will need to find alternative arrangements for any volumes … Continued

Worldwide Logistics Group Joins Mundu Network

Worldwide Logistics, Inc. announced that they have joined the newly formed forwarder network Mundu. Mundu is based in Stuttgart, Germany and operated by Daniel and Alissa Jacobs. All 17 WWL offices in 7 countries will participate in this network. Joining the Mundu network helps WWL expand its global reach. Mundu is known for its international … Continued

Carriers on Trans-pacific Eastbound Trade Announce Additional Rate Increase

With the continuation of aggressive blank sailing programs and overbooking, particularly on US West Coast bound vessels, upward pressure on rates has continued. Carriers have implemented increases effective July 1, 2020. On average rates to US West Coast and IPI points serviced via the US West Coast were raised by $400/40’ container. Rates to US … Continued

Trans-Pacific Rates Continue to Escalate

Carriers on the trans-Pacific eastbound lane have successfully imposed a Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) effective June 15. Although trade volumes continue to lag, the carriers’ policies of aggressive capacity management hav resulted in upward pressure on rates. So far this month, rates to the US West Coast have increased by 29.2% while US East Coast … Continued

CFS in Mumbai Bracing for Cyclone

Due to the imminent threat of the Nisarga Cyclone forecast to hit the city of Mumbai, India tomorrow, Continental CFS will operate with a skeletal staff. The cyclone is expected to make landfall sometime this evening or into tomorrow. CFS will be operational from 10:00 hrs to 13:00 hours, only handling import-laden deliveries. Activities like … Continued

Trans-Pacific Eastbound Rate Increase Announced

The carriers on the trans-Pacific eastbound trade lane have announced a $400/container General Rate Increase (GRI) effective June 1, 2020. This increase had originally been planned at $500. Simultaneously, carriers have filed a second increase of $1000/container effective June 14, 2020. It is important to understand that filed increases don’t always get implemented. Carriers are … Continued

An Uptick in Bookings from China

Recently Worldwide Logistics Ltd. (WWL) offices in China have reported an uptick in booking volumes. This increase is evident for both US East Coast and US West Coast bound cargos. Willy Fong, WWL’s managing director in Asia, noted, “a number of our traditional customers who had delayed or cancelled orders are now starting to move … Continued

WWL India COVID-19 Update: Lockdown Extended

In India, the nationwide lockdown has been extended until May 17th. Districts have been identified as red, orange or green zones based on the status of the Covid-19 outbreak there. The classification will enable the resumption of some economic activities in areas less affected by the virus and ensure that caution is exercised in these … Continued

Expect delays in Overweight Shipping Through the Panama Canal

Significant decreases in watershed levels means tighter enforcement in overweight cargo. The long-term effects of low water levels in the Panama Canal is forcing some ocean lines to offload overweight containers in order to pass through the Panama Canal. Last year, water depths in the canal reached such low levels not seen in the past … Continued