Worldwide Logistics Group brings NTDS Under Its Umbrella

We are excited to announce that NTDS is being rebranded under the Worldwide Logistics Group family.

The two divisions, road and distribution, will be branded as Worldwide Logistics Group Road and Worldwide Logistics Group Distribution.

Worldwide Logistics Group was founded 25 years ago and has grown exponentially over two decades. Starting with a focus on in-bound ocean freight logistics, Worldwide Logistics Group has evolved into a full-service logistics provider offering air/ocean freight, customs brokerage, US domestic transportation and US and Europe warehousing and distribution services.

The growth and expansion are attributed to Worldwide Logistics Group’s commitment and drive to better serve customers by providing robust options to source and move goods. Adding NTDS under the umbrella of the Worldwide Logistics Group brand, is part of this commitment.

If you are current customer, you will see a change on your invoice masthead. If you visit any of our US warehouses, you may notice a new logo.

“This is also a perfect opportunity to thank all our customers who trust us with their logistics needs,” said Tom Peacock, President of Worldwide Logistics Group. “With the customer always top of mind, we’ve proven our staying power through the years. We’ve backed every change with a customer-centric model that ensures our clients receive excellent customer service.”

John Rapczak, Senior Vice President Domestic Operations, said, “We continue to provide top-level service and we’re happy to simplify the overall brand under one name to make it clear that we have a deep bench of logistics solutions on hand to help our customers.”

“We are excited to make this branding change as we look toward a future filled with huge opportunities for our team and especially our customers,” said Joe Monaghan, Chairman and CEO of Worldwide Logistics Group.

Learn more about our company and feel free to contact your NTDS and Worldwide Logistics representatives.