New Branch in Xiamen Strengthens Worldwide Logistics Presence in China

With Q2 in full swing, Worldwide Logistics Group is happy to announce the opening of a new branch in Xiamen, China, its sixth office there.

The expansion in Xiamen was largely a logistical decision to provide intense coverage in the region. The office is conveniently located in the center of Xiamen City where the staff can easily coordinate with ocean carriers, airlines and warehouse and trucker operations.

The Xiamen office further builds upon the company’s presence along the China coastline with offices in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong in the south, Shanghai in the central coast area and Qingdao in North China. The Xiamen office also strengthens the company’s position in Fujian Province between Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Location is not the only reason for opening a branch in Xiamen. This office is the sixth location in China where Worldwide Logistics Group has had a presence since the company started 25 years ago. This office is an opportunity to intensify service offerings for existing and new customers.

“We are taking advantage of our network in Asia and using it to strengthen collaboration with other Worldwide Logistics locations in a total of 20 countries,” said Willy Fong, President, APAC for the company. “Collaboration is an important reason for Worldwide Logistics Group to continue to expand in China and throughout Asia.”

As with most Worldwide Logistics offices, Xiamen will handle a complete list of logistics services and will support both shippers and consignees in China and around the globe.

Fong said that general consumer products make up the majority of their bookings with the shoe industry being one of the biggest markets. However, the office can handle any vertical market because of the solid foundation built by the other offices to the north and south.

The office currently supports a large multinational electronics and information technology company who has been using Worldwide Logistics Group as their preferred transportation provider for more than a decade. Worldwide Logistics Group has the capability to provide precision carrier information throughout the supply chain process.

“One of the goals of the company is to provide seamless coverage from China to North America and Europe,” said Tom Peacock, President of Worldwide Logistics Group. “We’ve been doing that since the beginning, but the Xiamen office increases our muscle in Asia where we already have a strong working relationship with transportation carriers.”

The office will be run by Sary Yu, a logistics veteran in Asia who has built a relationship with Worldwide Logistics Group since 2004 when she was with Pacific Champion – Xiamen.

“I have witnessed the changes and growth of Worldwide Logistics Group while working closely with the Hong Kong office and with global headquarters in the US for nearly 20 years,” said Yu. “Joining this big, global family allows a new platform for me to work closely from the Fujian Province with Worldwide Logistics teams across the globe.”

For more information about the company’s growing presence in Asia and their global services, please contact your local Worldwide Logistics Group supply chain professional.