UPDATE: Turkey, Syria Earthquakes and Supply Chain Disruption

Damage from the earthquakes is still causing supply chain disruptions in the Turkey and Syria region; however, there are some slight improvements. Worldwide Logistics Group is working hard to maintain normal operations and implement workarounds where possible.

Here is what we know to date:


Operation is still suspended at Turkeys’ Iskenderun Port – both Limak and Assan. Port authorities continue to survey the damage but no opening date has been announced to date. Limak Port remains crippled from significant damage from a fire ignited immediately after the earthquake. No bookings are currently being accepted by carriers. Mersin Port is now operating, but authorities are limiting the number of vessels.


Adana Airport is now open and accepting all shipments except perishables. Hatay Airport is now open to commercial and humanitarian flights after engineers worked around the clock to repair damages including a severely damaged runway. Turkish Airlines will start accepting reservations next Monday at Gaziantep Airport.


Across the region, roads have been heavily affected and many are still closed, preventing truck haulage. Priority is being given to vehicles providing humanitarian aid. Expect delays in pick-up and transit times, especially from routes in and out of Mersin Port.


Many factories are still temporarily closed in Gaziantep/Kahramanmaras, a manufacturing hub in the southeast region of Turkey; however, a small number of factories are starting to open as rubble is cleared and safety inspections are completed.

The earthquake is the latest example of the volatility of the world’s supply chains. Companies are looking towards diversifying for resilience. With 38 offices in 20 countries, Worldwide Logistics Group’s global reach provides logistics options allowing companies alternatives regardless of where they source from.

We will keep you informed of developments as they arise. If you have any concerns about your particular supply chain, please reach out to your Worldwide Logistics Group representative.