Turkey, Syria Earthquakes: Mitigating the Supply Chain Disruption

Worldwide Logistics Group extends its deepest sympathy for the thousands of lives lost due to the earthquakes and aftershocks that hit Turkey and Syria earlier this week. As impacts continue to be evaluated, Worldwide Logistics Group continues to keep a close eye on the developing situation and its impact on supply chain disruptions. Here is what we know to date:


Operation is still suspended at Turkey’s Iskenderun Port (Limak) and Port of Assan, also located in Iskenderun. According to Reuters, the fire that engulfed hundreds of shipping containers had been extinguished on Tuesday, but it was not clear when operations would resume at the port. Customs offices are also closed at those ports. There is no damage to the Mersin Port; however, workforce at the port and customs offices are reduced.

The blaze forced freight liners to divert vessels to other ports such as the Port of Mersin in Turkey and Port Said in Egypt. Ocean carriers are using their offices in Istanbul and Izmir for documentation and operational processes. In some cases, vessel service is temporarily halted. Delays in vessel arrivals and omits are expected. Some carriers are holding containers in nearby ports or delivering cargo to other operational Turkish ports and waiving certain fees.


Several major Turkish airports have sustained serious damage and are closed including Hatay Airport, Gaziantep Airport, Malatya Airport and Adana Airport. International airlines continue to operate flights to Turkey via the Istanbul Airport – the country’s main hub for international flights, which is operating as normal. Turkish Airlines cargo planes across the country have been flying rescue and security forces to places where they are most needed.


Across the region, roads have been heavily affected, preventing trucks from moving goods. Additionally, aid groups and daily supplies are being dispatched by road from cities near the affected region. Fuel shortages, electricity, gas and internet access are limited. Possible delays are anticipated.


Many factories are temporarily closed in Gaziantep/Kahramanmaras, a manufacturing hub in the southeast region of Turkey. Some buildings are awaiting safety inspections before opening and employees are working to move their families to other cities, out of harm’s way.

We are doing all we can to maintain normal operations and implement workarounds where possible. We will keep you informed of developments as they arise. If you have any concerns about your particular supply chain, please reach out to your Worldwide Logistics Group representative.