Worldwide Logistics Group Opens Second Branch in Vietnam

Worldwide Logistics Group finished 2022 strong with 14 new office openings and now the momentum continues with the announcement of a new office in Hanoi, Vietnam, their second location in the country and the twelfth branch in the Asia Pacific region.

The decision to open another location was driven by the need to better serve local clients in Vietnam and clients abroad who require diversified sourcing of goods.

“With an office in both the north and south portions of the country, we gain more industry muscle and that ultimately translates to controlled, value-added service,” said Peter Hoang, vice president of Asia trade Lane development for Worldwide Logistics Group.

The Hanoi office is located in the heart of the city, a hub for supply chain logistics companies and ocean carriers. Additionally, its proximity to South China will expedite the flow of goods traveling by air freight and land/road freight between the two countries.

“Hanoi has emerged as a competitive player in the export market as an increasing number of suppliers move southward, away from the traditional China market,” explained Hoang.

The footwear and apparel markets are two examples of markets on the rise in Vietnam. The additional support from the Hanoi office will boost the company’s ability to service new and existing clients, according to Ryan Chan, senior vice president of the Asia Pacific region.

“We are building our infrastructure as sourcing in Vietnam increases,” said Chan. “Opening Hanoi is a continuation of our strategy to have complete coverage in the region so we can continue to efficiently support our clients worldwide.”

Chan further explained that he sees growth in other markets, too. “The type of goods being sourced from Vietnam varies, but growth in electronics, footwear, apparel and wood products is trending upward.”

Opening Hanoi is another step toward the company’s overall goal to globalize their network to better service their clients. Worldwide Logistics Group now has 38 offices in 20 countries.

“We’ve always had a strong worldwide network, but it’s our client-driven intention to increase our global footprint of company-owned operations,” Hoang said.

The office will be managed by Jane Duyen who has eight years of experience in the logistics industry. Duyen previously worked for Damco Logistics and Hellmann Worldwide where she was an operation expert on the Transpacific trade lane.

“Duyen’s logistics operations expertise will be a tremendous help to both the Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City offices as we coordinate the movement of goods throughout the region,” said Jamie Thanh, general manager of Vietnam.

For more information about the company’s growing presence in Vietnam, the overall Pacific Asia region and their global logistics service, please contact your local Worldwide Logistics Group supply chain specialist.