New Malaysia Branch Completes 2022 Expansion

As the year ends, the expansion of the Worldwide Logistics Group network continues with the opening of Worldwide Logistics Group – Malaysia.

The Malaysia office is strategically located in Selangor next to KESAS Highway which directly links to both Port Kelang Seaport and Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). An estimated 11,000 ships arrive in Port Kelang each year, making it a major shipping and industry hub of Southeast Asia.

The news of the Malaysia branch opening comes on the heels of last week’s announcement of the Thailand branch opening. Worldwide Logistics Group’s rapid expansion in Asia allows the company to stay in front of the needs of their customer base.

“We find every advantage we can to better serve our customers who entrust us with their logistics needs,” explained Willy Fong, managing director for Worldwide Logistics Group – Asia.

Maintaining full-service branches throughout Asia amplifies the company’s communication with customers and all team members involved in moving goods through the supply chain.

“Transparent communication is a key commitment we keep with our customers,” explained Fong. “Supply chain transparency improves reliability, assures accountability from suppliers and reduces unnecessary risk to all parties. Clarity inspires long-term customer loyalty by cultivating trust.”

Transparency and efficiency in communication is how Worldwide Logistics Group keeps a competitive edge within the crowded logistics space.

“There are a lot of moving parts in this business and we aim to keep our customers at ease through continued reporting and sharing logistics information regularly. Adding an office in Malaysia allows for efficient shipment communication between our team here and our global network,” explained Donny Gan, general manager of the Malaysia office.

Gan is new to the Worldwide Logistics Group team, bringing 22 years of experience in the logistics industry and a solid background in freight forwarding for ocean, air, rail, land transport and warehousing. Gan is eager to grow the new branch using the company’s well-built global network.

“Teamwork is strong at Worldwide Logistics Group. The whole group is synergized with the same passion and goals. This energy is highly contagious and inspires me to lead Worldwide Logistics Group – Malaysia,” Gan said.

For more information about the company’s growing presence in Asia and their global logistics services, please contact your local Worldwide Logistics Group supply chain professional.