Joe Monaghan Featured as Guest on “What the Truck?!?” Podcast

This week, Joe Monaghan, CEO and president of Worldwide Logistics Group (WWL), appeared as a special guest on FreightWaves’ What the Truck?!? podcast, an award-winning series breaking down the biggest stories in transportation and logistics.

Monaghan offered his views on market trends in ocean freight, air freight, physical distribution and sourcing. He also discussed growth plans in store for in 2023, highlighting how the company’s expansion is always customer driven. “We use both our ears, listen to our customers, and we don’t do anything on a speculative basis. We wait to have customers tell us to be there and we’re there,” Monaghan said.

Customer needs is what drove the company’s decision to open additional branches this year in Cambodia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya and Poland. As well as additional US office openings in Detroit, Miami, Dallas and Savannah.

As an integrated logistics service provider, Worldwide Logistics Group utilizes combined supply chain services to span across many vertical markets. The company has multiple branches in 20 countries and is looking to expand to as many as 35 countries by the end of next year. This foothold in the market makes them a definitive resource for insight into the logistics industry.

With one million square feet in six US warehouses and another half a million in three warehouses in Europe, Worldwide Logistics Group understands the ebb and flow of shelf space. Navigating this both before and after the pandemic was one of the topics discussed with Mike Vince, the host of What the Truck?!?.

When asked about the year ahead, Monaghan predicts that 2023 will be a bit more challenging than this year but remains optimistic. He’s particularly excited about the infrastructure project work WWL is doing in the company’s three Africa offices in Ghana, Kenya and Egypt. “We’re  expanding across the globe and we’re very, very bullish on the future of our company.”

Listen to the podcast here or watch a replay of the live stream here.