US Rail Strike Threatens Supply Chain, Potential Disruptions Expected

The nation’s railroad workers are poised for a possible strike affecting 90,000 union workers. A strike could bring nearly 30% of the nation’s freight to a halt. The railroads have already begun to reduce service this week.

The dispute is over the rules controlling worker scheduling. Engineers and conductors who make up the two-person crews on each train state that ongoing scheduling practices leave many workers on call 24/7 every week of the year.

President Biden prevented a strike two months ago issuing a 60-day cooling off period which ends after midnight this Friday. The White House continues to work with union leaders and rail companies to avert a strike which would shut down much of the country’s transportation infrastructure.

“A stoppage would be felt across most markets,” said Joe Monaghan, Worldwide Logistics Group CEO and president. “Most industries depend on rail transportation to transport inventory from ports to warehouses. Additionally, the supply chain industry is still facing pandemic-related issues and a rail strike will exacerbate the situation.”

Worldwide Logistics Group will continue to monitor the threat of a rail strike and provide updates as they arise.

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