Worldwide Logistics Group Opens New Warehouse and Branch Office in Poland

Worldwide Logistics Group announces the opening of a new 105,000 square foot warehouse and branch office in Myslowice, Poland. The new location is conveniently located near the German border and between the Black Sea in the south, the Mediterranean Sea to the southwest and Gdansk in the north. Cargo terminals in Krakow and Katowice are just thirty minutes away.

Additionally, with access to the Chinese belt and road train, goods can move through this facility and reach European fulfillment centers quickly and cost effectively. This is crucial due to the rising costs throughout all sectors of supply chain, especially the rising costs of container shipping.

The new warehouse will focus on re-works, remedial and returns (RRR), in addition to traditional 3pl services. RRR is a massively growing sector due to returns policies across the E-commerce marketplace.

“Being able to return value into a client’s supply chain is a vital service in Europe,” said Glenn Hayes, Managing Director of Worldwide Logistics Group in the United Kingdom and Poland.

The Poland warehouse will house 9,200 pallets with an additional 5,000 pick locations. It will have over 30,000 square feet of dedicated re-working areas with inspection facilities and remedial work benches.

“In addition to our cutting edge returns process, our warehouse management system has multiple integration options for all E-commerce platforms and seamless integration with couriers,” explained Mr. Hayes. “This makes our facility the perfect set up for customers that inherently have high returns and that traditionally ship FBA.”

By using highly computerized equipment and by focusing on RRR, Worldwide Logistics is using green solutions whenever possible. “The very nature of re-work services is an obvious step toward helping the environment,” Mr. Hayes said. “We find ways to fix and repurpose items, so they don’t end up in a landfill.”

Worldwide Logistics Group operates seven warehouses in the United States, two in the United Kingdom and one in New Delhi, India.

“The Poland warehouse and branch office will allow us to expand our foothold in Europe, improve productivity and offer increased speed to customers in this market,” said Joe Monaghan, President and CEO of Worldwide Logistics Group.

Please contact your Worldwide Logistics Group representative to hear more about the benefits of the Poland warehouse and branch office.

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