Worldwide Logistics Group Sponsors Event for Amazon Sellers

Many eCommerce sellers are slammed with the supply chain’s pandemic-induced quagmire.  Even the elite Million Dollar Sellers (MDS) club, the fastest-growing eCommerce community in the industry, feels the pain.

As part of an effort to assist customers with operational strategies as they face the recent supply chain crisis and the upcoming holiday season, Worldwide Logistics Group (WWL) sponsored a recent networking conference attended by MDS members. During a workshop, WWL had an opportunity to share helpful logistics information to these trailblazing eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Here are three tips from the conference to help all eCommerce brands build, operate and grow during these unprecedented times:

Tip #1: Get Ready to Switch from Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM)

In preparation for the fourth quarter, where e-commerce orders spike and FBA stock limitations are in full effect, the Amazon sellers were briefed on how to establish a hybrid fulfillment model of FBA and FBM. Having a mutli-fulfillment solution will allow the sellers to maintain sales when inventory is null in Amazon FBA.

Tip #2: Use a 3PL for Transloading

Due to the crisis at the ports, steamship lines have significantly limited IPI services. The steamship lines are now discharging all cargo at the outer ports. 3PLs (third party logistics) are offering drayage and transloading solutions at warehouses closest to the outer ports, and then moving the goods to the final destinations.

“WWL runs warehouses in key locations like California, Georgia, and New York, offering faster delivery times than IPI,” John Rapczak explained at the conference. Mr. Rapczak runs WWL’s US domestic transportation subsidiary, Nationwide Transportation and Distribution Services (NTDS), which manages all domestic transportation and warehousing for the company.

Tip #3: Capitalizing on Geo-routing Solutions

Consumers have been spoiled by the new delivery standard Amazon has established. Through Geo-routing technology, 3PLs are able to lower transit times by utilizing multiple warehouses within their warehousing footprint. Geo-routing capabilities drop orders to the warehouse closest to the consumer.

“With Amazon’s fast delivery capabilities, we must offer our customers a solution to mimic Amazon’s service. We have strategically placed our warehouses in three key markets to keep up with today’s delivery expectations,” explained Mr. Rapczak.

For more information regarding the latest eCommerce strategies, warehousing technologies and actionable supply chain strategies, please contact Worldwide Logistics Group.