Restrictions Tightened in Vietnam as Covid Clusters Spread

Covid-19 restrictions are tightening in Vietnam, as positive cases continue to rise. As of today, July 23rd, Ho Chi Minh City has suspended all non-essential business and gatherings of more than two people. Residents are limited to leaving their homes only to seek medical care or to buy essential food products.

Worldwide Logistics Group is considered an essential business and has not been impacted from the current restrictions. Most of the staff have been working from home with two staff members remaining in the office to ensure that urgent tasks and communications with customers continue to run smoothly.

The country’s current restrictions will be in effect for the next 14 days, according to the City Directive 12. Social distancing is strongly encouraged among co-workers in production facilities that are deemed essential and allowed to stay open.

Vietnam has managed to keep coronavirus cases relatively low due to targeted mass testing, strict contact tracing, border controls and quarantine measures, but new clusters of infections in recent weeks have triggered concern among authorities.

Vietnam’s daily Covid-19 cases hit over 6,000 infections this past week with Ho Chi Minh City recording about 70% of the cases.

Officials continue to enforce restrictions aimed at stemming the spread of Coivd-19 nationwide. Authorities require individuals who have contacted known Covid-19 cases to quarantine in centralized facilities for 21 days. Passengers on public transport must wear facemasks and, in most locations, including Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, all persons must wear faceemasks when in public. Violators may face fines of up to VND 300,000.

Contact your Worldwide Logistics Group representative for more information about the current restrictions in Vietnam or with any concerns regarding the pandemic’s effect on the supply chain.