Worldwide Logistics Group Expands into Continental Europe

Worldwide Logistics Group is pleased to announce the opening of their subsidiary in Germany. WWL Germany GmbH represents the company’s first office in Continental Europe. Worldwide Logistics Group now operates from 15 locations in eight countries.

Tom Peacock, Worldwide Logistics’ Director of Supply Chain Solutions and a key figure in the expansion into Germany, said, “with our commitment to growth, Germany was a natural choice in the region and we will be looking toward other countries for further expansion into mainland Europe.”

The Germany office will be run by Daniel Jacob as Managing Director and Alissa Jacob as Business Development Manager. Mr. Jakob has been in the logistics industry for over 20 years. He started his career at BAX Global, responsible for developing the Europe-Asia market. Later he went to PanTerra to build and steadily develop their international sector. During that time he also created Motion Logistics Network, a network for logistics service provides to network and grow their businesses. Ms. Jakob has over 10 years of experience in the logistics industry with regional expertise in air and sea freight logistics gained from working at ITG and PanTerra.

Joe Monaghan, Worldwide Logistics Group President/CEO, said, “Germany has been on our radar for some time. As always, our expansion is driven by client demand. Partnering with Daniel and Alissa made this a seamless progression as we have been working with them for several years now with great success and full confidence.”

Mr. Jacob commented, “We have known Tom and Joe for several years and find we share many of the same values in terms of business integrity and a customer-focused approach. Now is the right moment for us to become part of the wonderful Worldwide Logistics Group family.”

Worldwide Logistics Group selected a location near Stuttgart due to its strategic connections to the Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Munich airports. All vertical markets will be serviced and they have particular expertise in trade fair and exhibition logistics. The office will provide the company’s full suite of logistics solutions exactly like all other global offices.

The Germany office is located at Fabrikstrasse 18, 73277 Owen, Germany. For more details please contact Daniel Jacob.