Amazon Enforcing Storage Limits

Amazon has imposed restrictions on FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) sellers, dictating the quantities they are allowed to store at Amazon warehouses. Sellers will have to comply with specific storage limits in cubic feet, which are calculated based primarily on commodity type and sales volume.

Going forward, sellers will need to find alternative arrangements for any volumes they may have planned to ship that would drive their inventory levels above their allotted storage limits. Many sellers are expected to turn to FBM (fulfillment by Merchant) using third party operators who have the capability to handle this type of activity.

Worldwide Logistics, Inc. (WWL) in conjunction with its subsidiary Nationwide Transportation and Distribution Services LLC (NTDS) are working with many customers to deal with this environmental change.

Mr. John Rapczak, GM of NTDS said, “Our experience with FBM coupled with our experience handling Amazon returns, reworks, and testing, positions us well to provide a plug and play solution for Amazon and other E-Commerce sellers”.  WWL/NTDS operate distribution facilities in Torrance, CA; Cranbury, NJ; Dagenham, Essex, UK; and Hilden, DE.