WWL India COVID-19 Update: Lockdown Extended

In India, the nationwide lockdown has been extended until May 17th. Districts have been identified as red, orange or green zones based on the status of the Covid-19 outbreak there. The classification will enable the resumption of some economic activities in areas less affected by the virus and ensure that caution is exercised in these areas so that they remain coronavirus-free. Green zones are areas with no confirmed cases in the last 21 days. Red zones are the ones with the most active cases and a faster doubling rate. The red zone areas will continue to have complete lockdown, no relaxation.


The New Delhi office of WWL India is now staffed with a third of its employees which is the maximum allowed by the government. Working hours are restricted to Monday-Friday from 10 am until 5 pm. Employees from the Mumbai and Vadodara offices of WWL India will continue to work from home.


  • As per the Ministry of Shipping, all ports will continue to operate under new quarantine requirements. Vessel delays are expected.
  • As per the Ministry of Finance, all customs-related activities will continue to operate with a reduces staff in order to comply to social distancing requirements.
  • Government and private CFS in most locations will remain open, however, due to a shortage of workers, operations are severely impacted.
  • Tight road restrictions throughout India are affecting the movement of cargo to and from port, CFS and ICD locations, causing delays in the supply chain.
  • International and domestic passenger flights remain suspended, however international freighters are operating from major airports but at reduced frequency.

We apologize for any delays. Please contact your WWL representative should you have any questions or conerns.