Customer Advisory: U.S. Government Partial Shutdown Update #1

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and related cargo clearance agencies continue to operate under normal working hours with no delays in cargo operations experienced at this time. We will continue to provide additional information and updates if this status changes.


Here is an update regarding potential US GOVT SHUTDOWN impact.


– Fish and Wildlife Services’ website is down; Manual forms will need to be submitted to F&W

including documents and checks

– FDA is operating with only 35 percent of staff; Delays are expected

– EPA – 97 percent of workers are shut down

– Steel License Office is closed. Temporary license number to be used is “STEELX103”

– FCC is closed

– CBP Technicians and Program Managers will not work, which will cause delays in Bonds and

Licensing, In-bond Desk, Processing FDA Refusals

– USDA website is down but the agency remains open

– FTSR website has been turned off

– HTSUS website has been turned off


– Census website (including FTR, schedule B) is down

– DOS, BIS, and OFAC websites appear operational at this time. DOS website states that they

will operate normally until at least 10/4, however other licensing agencies may currently be



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