Please note carriers in the ASIA TO USA trade have filed a Nov 15th GRI (GENERAL RATE INCREASE) with the hope of lifting their current rate levels, which have been weakening during the past several weeks. Through enforcing winter schedules, many carriers have opted to take vessels out of the trade in order to create demand.


The suggested amount from the Transpacific Stabilization Agreement (TSA) is $400 per 40’ cntr, but so far we have been notified of rate increases between $250 to $350 per 40’ cntr for the East Coast, West Coast and IPI (inland points) cargo depending on the carrier.


It seems that many carriers are following these recommended increases. We are waiting to finalize the total amount filed by the end of this week.


With an earlier Chinese New year (January 31) and space becoming tight, it would very unpredictable how long would this increase last, it will depend on how the market will revolve  in the next few weeks.


We will keep you informed of any developments.


Team WWL

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