PORT UPDATE 2/5/2014

MAHER Terminal will not open today.

PNCT is closing at 3:00 PM or sooner depending on conditions.

APM, GLOBAL and NYCT opened late – continued operation pending.

We will keep you updated of any further changes or closings.


      Monday, Feb 3, 2014
Feb 3 will be Free day for import cargo
(Empty Depot) Extend free time by one day
Freeze demurrage for 2/3
Extend free time by one day
Global CLOSE at NOON


Due to the Winter Storm the following ports are currently affected:

Norfolk – The Port of Virginia has begun preparing its terminals for snow accumulation, freezing temperatures and gusting winds to the region during the next 24 hours. Presently, cargo operations at the terminals are proceeding per normal, but truck gates, empty container yards and rail operations will close Tuesday, January 28, at 1700 (EST). On Wednesday, January 29, the gates, empty yards and rail operations will open at 1300 (EST).

Houston – The Port of Houston Barbour’s Cut Terminal will not open Tuesday, January 28. They will review the situation today to determine how early they can open on Wednesday.

New Orleans – Ports America advised that they will be closed all day on Tuesday, January 28, due to the severe weather and hazardous road conditions. Our New Orleans depot, Avondale Container, closed at 1300 (EST) on Tuesday, Jan 28.

Charleston – State Port Authority Charleston, SC, is advising all South Carolina Ports Authority facilities will close Tuesday, January 28 at 1500 (EST). Facilities are still scheduled to re-open at 1300 (EST) on Wednesday, January 29. However, gates are subject to earlier or later opening as weather conditions change.

Savannah – Georgia Ports Authority is advising the port of Savannah will remain closed through Wednesday, January 29.

Please refer to the individual port web sites (links above) for the latest information.


ALERT – Trade notice

Please note the go slow strike at GTI terminal at Nhava Sheva port by section of the workers have been called off with effect from midnight yesterday (21/11/2013).

With the announcement of this – GTI terminal authorities have informed that the gates will now be opened for vehicular movement. However they have announced that priority will be given for movement / removal of import containers that are struck at the terminal during the slow down. At the same time they will also start taking in export containers in due course.

Please note the congestion on the roads leading to the port terminals is still not resolved. This situation will take some more time / days to normalize by possibility of more containers being accepted by the terminals and operation of all planned vessels.

We estimate that it may take from 5 – 8 days for normalcy to return in operations at Nhava port.

We are closely monitoring the situation and will update you regularly.

Source JOC – Journal of Commerce

Web link http://www.joc.com/port-news/asian-ports/port-nhava-sheva/congestion-closes-export-gates-nhava-shevas-gateway-terminals_20131115.html