Worldwide Logistics Ltd. & Affiliates Offer Tips on How to Effectively Utilize LCL & Consolidation International Shipping Services to/from Europe and the United States.

Worldwide Logistics Ltd. & Affiliates are offering companies freight forwarding tips on LCL & Consolidation services between Europe and the US.

Worldwide Logistics Ltd., affiliates & agents have put together a list of suggestions on how to effectively utilize their new International Freight Forwarding services to/from Europe/US.

Using less-than-container load (LCL) services to ship smaller ocean freight volumes can reap large benefits. When it comes to ocean freight forwarding (, many shippers strive for full container loads (FCL), believing that’s their best option for moving goods across the sea. Often, they’re correct—less-than-container load (LCL) shipments can cost considerably more. But as some shippers begin to take a broader view of their supply chains, they find that smaller shipments can be the most cost-effective choice for certain combinations of goods, order size, and market need.

Small- and mid-size businesses use LCL frequently because they simply don’t have the volume to fill a full load, and waiting until they do would mean missing delivery deadlines. LCL shipments are also typical for companies opening new markets or serving smaller ones. And sometimes manufacturing a product—say, a sparingly used but vital and perishable ingredient for hand cream—depends on a small but regular supply.

Retailers, especially apparel, are frequent LCL users, as are the automotive, oil and gas, chemicals, and e-commerce industries.

Top Industry Tips & Advantages LCL Provides include:

  • Delineated costs. LCL makes it easier to allocate freight forwarding ( costs because an LCL shipment’s order amount or cubic foot size is clear.
  • Flexibility. The small order sizes enabled by LCL not only reduce inventory investment, they also give shippers flexibility.
  • Speedier vessels. Transit time in consolidation will be fastest with LCL because consolidators can select vessels with direct routes or fewer stops as opposed to long routes with multiple stops.
  • Preferential treatment. LCL consolidation containers move at higher freight rates than general commodity FCL, so carriers tend to give them preferential loading. Another reason: LCL container shipments are usually consistent in volume, and typically shipped port-to-port.

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